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The Value Payable system is designed to meet the requirements of persons which wish to pay for articles sent to them at the time of receipt of the articles or of the bills or railway receipts relating to them, and also to meet the requirements of traders and others who wish to recover, through the agency of the Post Office the value of article supplied by them.

Value-Payable or Cash-on-Delivery system enables the addressee to pay for the contents of the article, at the time of delivery of the article. The value collected from the addressee is sent by the Post Office by money order to the sender of the article. 

Articles that can be value-payable

Envelop, Book Packet and Parcel, prepaid with postage and registration fee, can be sent as Value-Payable, but it should not contain coupons, tickets, or certificates of introduction, designed for the sale of goods, known as "Snow Ball System."

Limit of Value

The value for recovery should not exceed Rs. 5000/-

Insurance of V.P. Articles

If the value for recovery exceeds Rs. 250/-, insurance for not less than that value is compulsory. Railway receipt, bill, invoice or document of no intrinsic value, and Packet containing printed book(s) or paper(s) are exempted from this requirement.

The value declared for insurance need not correspond with the amount specified by the sender for remittance to himself. Thus in the case of a watch returned after repairs per value-payable post to its owner, the amount to be remitted to the sender of the watch would be only the cost of repairs while the sum insured would represent the value of the watch itself.


On the face of the article, letters VP, followed by the value in words and figures should be recorded.

Name and address of the sender should be given at the bottom left corner of the address side.

Where to book

Value Payable postal articles can be posted at any post office that is a money order office (with a few exceptions) for transmission to any other post office that is a money order office.


The article, along with VP Money Order form and declaration signed by the sender to the effect that the article is sent in execution of a bonafide order, should be presented at the counter of the Post Office. Postage, registration fee, insurance fee, if applicable, and VP posting fee, are payable. A receipt in the prescribed form will be given to the sender.

Value Payable articles will not be accepted unless the town of payment shown in the value payable order form is the one where the article has been booked.

Special Booking

Mailers booking at least 10 uninsured VP articles daily, on the average, can avail  Special VP Journal, with the sanction of Divisional Superintendent of Post Offices. This enables the sender to expedite the booking.

Responsibility of Post Office

Post Office does not incur any liability for payment to the sender until the value is recovered from the addressee, and has no liability beyond six months from the date of booking of the article.

Detention of Office of delivery and levy of demurrage

If the addressee of a value-payable postal article omits to take delivery of it within 7 days following the date of its first presentation or the date of delivery to him or to his accredited agent of an intimation of its arrival, the article will be returned to the sender on the 8th day:

Provided that if in the meantime the addressee has applied in writing to the post office for the detention of the article for a further period not exceeding seven days beginning with the said 8th day and pays the prescribed of the further period covered by the application. Any fee so paid shall in no circumstances be refunded. 

Note 1 :

If the 7th day following the date on which the article has been presented or intimation of its arrival has been delivered to the addressee or his accredited agent, falls on a Sunday or Post Office holiday, the article will be detained until the next working day and no demurrage will be charged for the extra days.

Note 2 :

If the last day of the period for which the addressee has asked for the detention of the article beyond the first 7 days falls on a Sunday or Post Office holidays, the article will be detained till the next working day and no demurrage will be charged for the additional detention on account of the Sunday or Post Office holiday.

Note 3 :

In the case of an article sent out for delivery through a village postman, the period of 7 days will be counted from the date of the intimation of its arrival to the addressee or to his accredited agent.

Withholding of Payment

If the addressee complains immediately after receipt of the article that it was sent fraudulently, payment of the value to the sender is liable to be withheld and, if fraud is established on enquiry, the collected amount will be refunded to the addressee and the contents of the article returned to the sender. 

Alteration of Value

Postmaster of the office of booking may have the value altered or cancelled, on a request from the sender to that effect, till the article is delivered or returned by the Post Office of delivery. In case sender pays the cost of telegram, by postage stamp(s) affixed on the application, the message for the purpose will be conveyed by telegraph.


Enquiry about VP article will be made on a complaint to the office of booking when the prescribed enquiry fee is paid in the shape of postage stamp(s) /frank affixed on the complaint, within six months of booking. The original Post Office receipt should be attached. The fee will be refunded where the complaint is well-grounded.

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