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The delivery of a postal article at the house or office of the addressee or to addressee or his servant or agent or other person considered to be authorised to receive the article according to the usual manner of delivery postal articles to the addressee is deemed to be delivered to the addressee under the Post Office Act.

Delivery of Ordinary Mail

Ordinary mail is delivered to the addressee or authorised agent at the Post Office or at the given address or in the Mail Box or the Post Box or Bag.

Mail Box

In storeyed buildings, ordinary mail of the following classes:

  1. Letter (Envelope), Inland Letter Card, Post Card and Aerogram

  2. Book, Pattern and Sample Packet

  3. Acknowledgement Card and

  4. Registered Newspaper
    will be deliverd at the address only on the ground floor of the building. For other addresses in storeyed buildings, Mail Box should be provided on the ground floor at a place acceptable to the Post Office, with the address superscribed on it, for delivery of these classes of mail.

Persons at the same address may provide separate Mail Boxes, with the name and address superscribed on the Box.

Two or more addresses may have a common Box with the addresses superscribed on it.

Mail of sizes that do not admit of delivery into Mail Box. Parcel, and unpaid or insufficiently paid mail will continue to be delivered at the address.

Intimations for mail, to be receipted on delivery, may be delivered through Mail Box.

Mail for Defence Personnel.

Mail addressed to officers and other ranks of Defence Services units and formations will be deliverd to the person deputed by the officer comanding the unit or formation to receive them. Such article on which postage is due will be returned to sender as undeliverable, but Inland Letter Cards called Forces Letter, and Green Envelopes which bear the date stamp of an Army Post Office will be delivered without any recovery of postage from the addressee. This concession is not applicable to a solely MES unit.


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