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Features Bulk Customers Guranteed Delivery

 EMS speed Post is a guaranteed and fast mail service for Letters, Parcels and packets deliverable in a specified time, between specified stations in India and to over 70 countries worldwide.



 Large network of 114 national centres and 57 State centres in Maharashtra and Goa.   For your international courier requirements we have strategic alliances with other Postal administrations worldwide.


 ·        The size of Inland and International Speed Post articles shall not exceed 1.50 metres for any one dimension or 3 metres for the sum of the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than the length. This is as per the  UPU guidelines.

 ·         The maximum weight limit of each inland and international Speed Post article has been increased to 35 kg. (Earlier it was 20  Kg.)

 ·         We provide insurance facility as a value added service for corporate as well as retail customers for inland Speed Post on payment of prescribed insurance charges.

 ·         Gold coins, gold ornaments, bullion, precious stones and jewellery can  be sent by inland and International Speed Post. Insurance cover of upto Rs. One lakh is available - increased from the earlier limit of Rs.10000/-

 ·         We provide both document as well as merchandise service.  Money transfer is also available through Speed Post in India.

 ·         The facility for 24 hours (booking) and Sunday Holiday booking is available at selected booking centres.

 ·         Free pick up and booking of speed post  articles at customers premises by authorised collection agents.

 To facilitate better handling of your speed post article

 ·           Article should be superscribed "SPEED POST" at the top left of address side.

 ·           Full address of the addressee with Pin Code, and name and address of the sender             on the bottom left corner of the address side, are essential.  Telephone number of             both are desirable additions.

 ·             Article weighing more than 200 grams should be packed suitably to facilitate              possible  examination of contents for security reason.  Invoice of the contents              should be enclosed.

Special facilities  for bulk customers

Free pick up of article from the premises of  customers who usually book three items or more, is arranged on request.

Credit facility under BNPL scheme is available to our regular customers on payment of a prescribed Deposit Bill is issued monthly for payment within a week


Rebate to Bulk customers 

5% Rebate to the customers providing monthly business of Rs.10,000/- & above upto Rs.49,999/-

10 % Rebate to the customers providing monthly business of Rs50,000/- and above

Guranteed Delivery

Articles booked before a specified time are delivered within the specified delivery time.  This is normally 24 to 72 hours within India, depending on the destination.

In case of delay in delivery due to service fault application for refund of Speed Post charges  may be made .  However no refund is admissible if delay is due to circumstances beyond the control of department such as delayed flight or train connections, local disturbances and the like.

If required, proof of delivery of domestic Speed Post article can be obtained on payment of prescribed charges. 

Tariff calculation with delivery norms :-

1)  Domestic

2) International

(Please Click)


(in gms)

Local Speed Post*

 200 km

201 kms to 
1000 km

1001 kms   to 
2000 km

2000 km

Up to 200

201 to 500

Addl. 500 grams or part

Rs. 20

Rs. 20

Rs.  5

Rs. 25

Rs. 40

Rs. 7.50


Rs. 30

Rs. 45

Rs. 10

Rs. 50

Rs. 60

Rs. 20


Rs. 50

Rs. 60

Rs. 25


Proof of Delivery Rs.10/-

The Zone wise postage rates on EMS articles would be as follows:

Zone No


EMS Rates (Rs.)

Documents Merchandise
1st 250 gms Addl 250 gms 1st 250 gms Addl 250 gms
1 Asia


50 475 50
2 Africa 425 50 475 50
3 Middle East 425 50 475 50
4 Australia 425 75 475 75
5 Europe 675 75 725 75
6 South America 525 100 575 100
7 North America 425 100 475 100
8 Srilanka 375 25 425 25
Bangladesh 375 25 425 25
Pakistan 375 25 425 25
Maldivies 375 25 425 25
Nepal 375 25 425 25


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