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Machine Frank

A Postal Franking Machine is a stamping machine intended to stamp impression of dies of approved design as private and official postal articles in payment of postage and postal fees. A commission of 3% is permitted on the value of franks used.

For being recognised valid, the impression of 'Frank" should consist of the following dies :-

(a)  Value Die and (b)  Licence Die

If the cover or wrapper cannot be franked because of its size, franking may be done on a cut-out label and the label affixed on the article or wrapper.


Application for license is to be made to the Divisional Superintendent of Post Offices in the prescribed form through an authorised dealer of a franking machine which is on the approved list of the Department.

Licence is necessary for each Franking Machine used.

Prescribed licence fee should be paid in cash at the Post Office and the receipt enclosed with the application.

Licence and franking machine Window Ticket will be issued by the Divisional Superintendent to the licensee if the requirements are fullfilled.

The licensee will not sell, transfer or dispose of the machine in any manner without obtaining prior permission from the licensing authority.

An advertisement or slogan can appear alongside the date impression if it relates solely to the business or profession of the licensee, and is approved by the licensing authority. More than one advertisement or slogan may be approved, but only one of them can be used on an article.

The machine can be used only as licensed.

The license shall maintain the following records separately for each franking machine:

  1. Franking Machine Register of Postings

  2. Franking machine Record Book

The licensee must at all reasonable times allow the authorised officer of the Department of Posts to inspect the machine and connected records without notice.

Change in the location of the machine except for repairs, shall be notified by the licensee to the licensing authority and also the designated Post Office/ Mail Office.

The licensee must take adequate steps to guard against fraudulent use of the machine; the detachable meter, if provided, should be pad-locked to the body of the machine.

Unserviceable machine should be disposed of or dismantled within one month of its becoming so, in the presence of an authorised officer of the Post Office who will take possession of the print head and Town die of the machine which will be destroyed personally by him. The licensee should surrender the licence and the Window Ticket. 

Renewal of Licence

The licence should be renewed every 5 years on payment of the prescribed fee.

Payment and Setting of Machine

The licensee will make advance payment at the time of setting / resetting by cheque or bank draft. The minimum payment is Rs.one hundred and the maximum according to the capacity of the machine.

The machine, Record Book, Register of Postings and Window Ticket, should be presented at the authorised Post Office for setting / resetting of the machine. The entries of advance payment for setting / resetting will be made in the franking machine Record Book and attested by the office in charge at the Post Office. The meter reading (credit meter) will be set/reset by the Post Office.

Receipt for the payment will be granted by the Post Office.


Frank should be clear, distinct and of bright red colour.

Impression(s) should be taken on the top right corner on the address side.

One "Cut-out" label is allowed for one article. It should be securely pasted on the article. The total value of frank(s) should be written in figures in red ink on the cut-out label.

The impression of the die bearing the name, licence number, date and the slogan should appear only once.


Franked articles should be presented at the counter of the authorised Post Office or Mail Office on the date impressed on it, in separate bundles for each value. Article bearing the frank of the immediately preceding date is accepted, if it bears the impression of the licence die of the date of presentation also.

The licensee or his representative should present the Window Ticket, Franking Machine Register of Postings and the Despatch Slip with each presentation. Daily Docket should also accompany the last presentation of the day. If presented at the second authorised office, the Despatch Slip and Daily Docket should be in duplicate.

The licensee should produce at the Main Office the duplicate copies of all Despatch Slip(s) and Daily Dockets(s) of the preceeding week, returned by the second authorised office, before the first despatch in the following week, obtaining receipt for them duly date-stamped in the Register of Posting.

Rebate and Refund


Rebate of 3% is paid when the meter is reset, on the total value of impressions used since the machine was last set, either in cash or by cheque.

Refund in respect of impressions made in error is allowed on surrendering the envelope(s) or wrappers(s) if the claim is preferred within three days of the date of impression. 5% of value will be deducted.

Maintenance and Repairs

The franking machine is to be maintained and repaired by the supplier or any registered repairer as deemed proper.

The licensee should have the licence die removed by the Post  Office before giving the machine for repairs. After repairs, the die will be re-fixed at the Post Office.

Machine Frank at Counter

On payment in cash, postage and fee will be franked at the Post Office or Mail Office counter, if the facility is available at that office.


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