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Certain important post offices are authorised by the Head of the Circle to realise the postage charges in cash from firms or other persons who post a very large number of unregistered packets subject to a minimum of 500 packets at a time in big cities and 250 in small towns. Certain post offices in Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Nagpur and Delhi are also authorised by the Heads of the Circle to realise the postage and registration fee on ordinary registered articles of letter mail in cash provided the sender uses special registered  journals for booking of registered articles and the total number time is not less than 50. Particulars of this facility can be ascertained from the nearest principal post office. The facility of pre-payment of postage in cash in also available at selected Gazetted and H.S.G. Post Offices to Firms or business establishments who post not less than 500 articles at a time in respect of letters (closed covers). Inland Letter Cards, Post Cards and un-registered parcels.


The facility is available for Registered Newspaper posting more than 500 copies at a time. It requires licence from the the Regional Postmaster General/ Chief Post Master General.


The proprietor, manager or publisher should apply in the prescribed form to the Regional Postmaster General, furnishing:

  1. average number and weight of (i) single copy of the paper and (ii) packets containing more than one copy, posted each time.

  2. postage payable on each copy and each packet to be posted at a time.

  3. total postage on each posting, for single copy and packet.

  4. number of days of posting in a month.

The applicant should deposit amount equal to the total of one month's postage as security in Post Office Savings Bank Security Deposit account or in National Savings Certificate(s), pledged to the Regional Postmaster General, or provide guarantee from a public sector bank for the amount.

Licence should be renewed when registration of the newspaper is renewed.

License is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Licence ceases when the registration of the newspaper with the Post ceases

  2. Licence number along with the words LICENSED TO POST WITHOUT PREPAYMENT shall be printed below the registration number on the newspaper.

  3. An invoice in duplicate in the prescribed form giving details of the posting should be handed over when the newspapers are presented at the counter.

  4. Bills will be issued by the office of posting on the 16th for the posting(s) between 1st and 15th of the month and on the 1st for the posting(s) between 16th and the end of the previous month.

  5. The bill should be paid within 7 days of presentation and, in any case, within a fortnight, failing which further posting under the licence will be stopped and the licence deemed to have been cancelled. The dues, in that case, will be adjusted from the security deposit, and further outstanding dues, if any, recovered under the provisions of the Indian Post Office Act. Licence may be renewed, in that case, only in the discretion of the Divisional Superintendent, and on further terms and conditions, if necessary.

  6. The licensee should enhance the security deposit, if called upon to do so by the Divisional Superintendent, failing which his licence may be cancelled.

  7. The licence can be cancelled on 7 days written notice without assigning any reason, by the Divisional Superintendent.

  8. Decision of the Director - General on any issue or dispute shall be final.

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