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One of the primary view of the prudent investor is to ensure that the invested capital remains safe. The PPF scheme offers total safety to the  amount invested. The PPF scheme also offers easy liquidity in the form of loans and withdrawals.

Rate of interest : From   01.04.1986 to 14.01.2000..............................    12%
                                   15.01.2000 to  28.02.2001..............................    11%
                                    01.03.2001to  28.02.2002 .............................    9.5%

                                    01.03.2002 to 28.02.2003 ..................................9%

                                    01.03.2003 onwards ..........................................8%  

  1. Only one account can be opened in the name of a person.
  2. Twelve deposits can be made in a financial year.
  3. Minimum deposit in a year is Rs. 500/-, and Maximum is Rs. 70,000/-.
  4. Loan is admissible from the third year. Loan amount is limited to 25% of balance held at the end of two years preceedings.
  5. Fresh loan is not allowed when previous loan or interest thereof is outstanding.
  6. Interest is charged at the rate of 1% if repaid within 36 months and at 6% on the outstanding loan after 36 months.
  7. Withdrawal is permissible from seventh financial year from the year of opening, limited to one in a financial year.
  8. Amount of withdrawal is limited to 50% of balance at the end of the fourth preceeding year less amount of outstanding loan or 50% of balance at the end of immediate preceding year of withdrawal less amount of outstanding loan, if any whichever is less.
  9. A subscriber can close the account in the 16th financial year. The account can also be continued with or without subscription, for further blocks of 5years.


   " The subscription made to the fund on or after the 1st day of march 2003 and balances 
     at the credit of the subscriber bear interest at the rate of 8% per annum." 

  3(a) All the KVPs from the post offices will be issued after entries are made on them in manuscript or by means of rubber stamps as " Maturity period revised as seven years and eight months see Notification GSR No. 164(E) dated 1.3.2002". Further supply of KVPs by the head Offices to post offices under their jurisdiction will be made only after the above endorsement on the certificate has been made.

(b) Similarly, the revised values for premature encashment should be made on the back of KVPs before issuing.

(c) All NSCs shall be issued after changing the number of Notification and date printed therein to G.S.R. 163(E) dated 1.3.2002 on the front side beside changing the sum mentioned therein, both in figures and words as indicated below depending on their denomination.

 For NSCs of Denomination

 From (Rupees)

To (Rupees)



 Rs.500  847.95  800.50
 Rs.1000  1695.90  1601.00
 Rs.1000  8479.50  8005.00
 Rs.10,000  16959.00  16010.00

(d)  necessary Correction in ink showing the revised rates in the TD, RD, MIAS, NSS-1992 and PPF pass books should be made before issue.

4. The Heads of circles should ensure that an officer in each circle's HO and regional office and the postmaster in each PO is personally made responsible to check that aforesaid changes are mentioned at all relevant places, in the pass books and also on the format of the Patra.

5. If any new account has been opened or any fresh KVP/NSC has been issued to the depositor, during the suspended work period from 01.03.2002 till the normal SB works are resumed, the postmaster should address the depositor to produce the pass book and KVP/NSCs in the post office of issue to have the necessary changes made in them. Heads of circles should also give wide publicity to this among the public.

6. The change in interest rates in all schemes be prominently displayed on the notice board of each post office.

7. Deposits in POTD,RD,MIAS and NSS-1992 and the sale of KVPs and NSCs suspended from 01.03.2002 will be resumed immediately but not later than 07.03.2002 in an case.

8. The receipt of this communication and intimation about resumption of the suspended works by 7th March 2002, may please be sent immediately.


15 Year PPF Account

Note : Facility for nomination available


Rate Of Interest


Tax Benefit

PFF 92

8 %

Min Rs. 500/-
Max Rs.70,000/-

In a Year

-- Investment qualifies for rebate under section 88

-- Interest totally exempted as per IT.

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