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Sr. No.

Type of the Service

Nature of Grievance

Period within which greivance should be preferred

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Delivery of Unregd. article like ILC / PC Letters / Invitation Cards / Periodicals / Magazines.

  1. Non-delay/Delay in delivery/wrong delivery/ Disputed- cases

  2. Loss of article

  3. Abstraction of contents

  4. Removal of Postage Stamps

  5. Improper stamping of mails/ Non-Stamping

  6. Non-Delivery at window/ Post Box

  7. Hiring of Post Bag/Post Box

  8. Misbehavior/Rude Behavior

  9. Non-clearance of letter boxes timely/letter box without lock

  10. Dumping of mails in waste/firing of mails

  11. Conninance of Postman vis-ą-vis harassment / delivery of letter to other parties.

Six months from the date of posting

  1. Date, time and location of letter-box in which article was posted,

  2. Date of delivery to the addressee

  3. Location / area of defective LB and its non-clearance / dumping and firing of mails.

  4. Full address of sender /addressee

  5. Wrapper / Cover, if available

  6. Date of application of hiring the Post Box or bag of mails

  7. Whether proper instructions were given for redirection of mails

  8. Legal evidence in case of disputed claims of mails


Registered / Insured articles

  1. Loss/Abstraction/tampering/
    substitution of contents /articles wrong delivery /non-delivery.



    Delay/Wrong delivery


    Non-receipt of AD


    Demand of illegal gratification and  harassment by the postman


    Conninance of Postman  Vis-ą-Vis   irregular return


    Rude behavior/ misbehavior by   the Postal Staff


    Non-issue of original copy of   addressees receipt


    Delivery of articles to disputed  addressee


    Inattention for the recall of articles

Three months from the date booking where claim for compensation has been made.
Six months form the date of booking

(Where there is no claim for compensation)
  1. Full address of the sender/addressee

  2. Receipt no., name of PO, Date of booking

  3. Value of Insurance

  4. Nature of contents/substitution noticed

  5. Date of delivery to the addressee or back to sender

  6. Wrapper, cover if available

  7. Whether prescribed  fee for obtaining attested copy of addresser receipt has been paid.

  8. Whether proper instructions were given for redirection or proper authority was given for delivery to members of family.

  9. Whether prescribed fee has been paid for recall of articles.


Telegraphic Money Orders
Ordinary money orders/ FAMOs/VP articles.

  1. Non-payment/Delay in payment/ wrong payment/short payment/ forged payment/part payment

  2. Non  receipt of Acknowledgement

  3. Illegal demand of gratification vis-a-vis harassment/conninance

  4. Deliberate with holding of payment

  5. Disputed cases payment of MO/ Delivery of VP articles

  6. Non stopping the payment of VPMO requested for by the addressee

  7. Misappropriation of amount of MO/ fake payment of old age pension MOs.

  1. Two months in respect of TMO where refund  of Telegraphic charges has been made

  2. 12 months from the date of booking of MOs, or booking of VP articles or FAMOS.

  1. Full address of the remitter/payee.

  2. Name of P.O. Date of booking and amount of MO

  3. VP article the date and PO of booking.

  4. Date of payment/ delivery with amount paid.

  5. Whether prescribed fee in case of VP articles has been paid

  6. Legal evidence in disputed cases.

  7. Whether prescribed fee has been paid if change in the name of the payee is required.

  8. Whether proper instructions were given for redirection or authority for payment


Speed Post Articles/Money Orders
  1. Delay in delivery/non-delivery

  2. abstractions of contents

  3. Non-refund of SP charges

  4. Misbehaviour at the counter

  5. Harassment by the delivery staff

One month in  case of Inland Speed Post article.
Two months in case of International SP articles.
One month case of SP money orders.
(No time limit has been prescribed as yet).

  1. Name of PO/SPCC/ Date of booking with complete address of sender/addressee and amount of MO.

  2. Date of delivery/payment

  3. Wrapper of article  available, if any

  4. Whether prescribed fee has been paid for International articles.

  5. Date of application for claiming refund


Foreign Mails (Inward/ Outward)

  1. Delay/Non-Delivery/wrong delivery/ Loss of articles/magazine

  2. Loss of periodical/Magazine

  3. Abstraction of contents/Nature of contents

  4. Improper defacing/Stamping/Removal of stamps

  5. Improper routing/ by air or surface

  6. Irregular booking of articles for countries where there is no service or service is banned.

  7. Refund of Custom duty/ Postage stamps

  8. Misbehaviour/cheating at counter

  9. Cheating by fake couriers

18th months from the date of booking

  1. Name of PO, from where the article was posted with a copy of receipt

  2. Date of delivery

  3. Nature of damage/ substitution/ abstraction of contents

  4. Wrapper, if available

  5. Whether prescribed fee paid

  6. Complete address of the sender/addressee

  7. Specific route by which the articles are meant for dispatch

  8. Whether Custom formalities are completed.


Inland telegrams

  1. Delay in delivery of telegram/ non-delivery

  2. Mutilation/wrong delivery

  3. Delay at Counters/Misbehaviour

  4. Illegal demand of gratification

30 days from the date of booking where refund is claimed.
2 months for other Telegraph service

  1. Name of PO from where the telegram was booked and was meant for delivery

  2. Receipt No. and Time of booking/ Date of booking

  3. Date /time of delivery


Saving bank/Cash Certificate
  1. Non-delivery/delay in delivery of P/book

  2. Erasures/over writings/corrections in the Pass book

  3. Non-cognizance of Identity Card for effecting payment

  4. Delay in transfer/issue of duplicate

  5. Short payment of withdrawal

  6. Delay at counters

  7. Delay in settling of claims in case of deceased depositor/ Delay in settlement of premature closure case.

  8. Delay in payment

  9. Harassment by Post Office staff

  10. Difference in balance in P/B and PO records

  11. Short payment of interest

  12. False/ Bogus payment

  13. Non-revival of silent A/c  

  1. Although no time limit is prescribed, however, a complaint may be lodged after about two weeks

  2. One month in r/o delay in settling claims if there is no action

  3. Normally complaints should be made with minimum delays

  1. Name of PO, full address of A/c/CC holder

  2. Date of transaction

  3. Amount withdrawn

  4. Date of submission of application for transfer/issue of duplicate PB/deceased claim case.

  5. Receipt granted by the PO in lieu of PB and transfer application etc.

  6. Date of application for premature closure/ revival of A/c.



Complaint regarding Miscarriage, loss or destruction of postal order

  1. Loss/Miscarriage/destruction of postal order

12 months from the last day of the month

  1. Name of PO and date of purchase of IPOs

  2. Whether damaged IPOs has been attached.


Lodging of complaints

The post office at which an article has been booked or posted is the most obvious first choice for the public to approach for lodging a complaint. Being the first and immediate point of contact with public every post office plays a significant role in creating a public image of the grievance redressal set up of the department.

A book for recording suggestions and complaints is available at all post offices, during the working hours of the office.

Complaint against service including reminder on complaint can be tendered open/in open cover at any Post Office for free transmission to Divisional Superintendent or higher authorities.

Addressing of complaints

Complaints regarding any postal matter should be addressed to the Divisional Superintendent of Post offices/Postmasters. Complaint can also be sent to the Postmaster General in case the complainant is not satisfied with the response at the lower level, or otherwise also.

Chief Postmaster General or Regional Postmaster General incharge of his jurisdiction is assisted by the Director Postal Services, CCO/APMG/ADPS incharge of public grievance section.

Dak Adalat/Pension Adalat

The customer may personally meet the highest authorities in Maharashtra Circle, if he or she is not satisfied at lower level. This has an edge over other organisations in respect of contacts and reponsiveness to the customers.

The Dak Adalat are held each quarter at Postal Regional Level, wherein complaints regarding Postal Services which are not settled within six weeks are normally entertained.  The Adalat,  is chaired by  the Regional Postmasters General. It covers Pension cases and all types of public grievances relating to Postal services like delay in transmission of mails, Speed Post articles, Parcels, Money Orders, Saving Bank, Cash Certificates and counter services.  Ultimate aim is to provide an on the spot redressal to the grievance. Dak Adalat  is a forum where you can draw attention of the Postal authorities towards your grievances.  The date and place of the holding of Dak Adalat is published in the newspapers.  You can address your grievances relating to your Region to Secretary, Dak Adalat, Office of the Postmaster General, Mumbai/Aurangabad/Goa/Nagpur/Pune.


Type of service


Loss of contents Loss of article


Nil Nil
Regn. Including Value payable Nil Nil Max.  Rs.100/-  as ex-gratia

Ins. Including

Value payable


Nil Cost of lost contents or insured value whichever is less Cost of item or insured value  whichever is less.
Money Order




Duplicate Money Order is issued for face value

Telegraphic Money Order Telegraph charges/ Money Order commission is refunded. NA

Duplicate Money Order is issued for face value.


Speed Post Money Order


Speed Post charges


Duplicate Money Order is issued for face value.

Speed Post  Speed Post charges Double the Speed Post charges or Rs. 1000/- for Inland & Foreign whichever is less

Double the Speed Post charges or Rs. 1000/- for Inland  & Foreign whichever is less

Express Parcel Post Nil

Double the Express Parcel Post charges or Rs. 500/-
whichever is less

Double the Express Parcel Post charges or Rs. 500/-
whichever is less




Delivery of Unregd. article I Registered / Insured articles I Telegraphic Money Orders I
Speed Post Articles
I Foreign Mails I  Inland Telegrams I Saving bank I Postal Order I Open Public hearing I Dak Adalat   I Compensation

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