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Other Useful Premium Services

In the continuing drive to improve the delivery of passport services to the public, the Ministry of External Affairs and the Department of Posts have come together in a common endeavour to enhance the accessibility of passport services.

From 5th March 2001, speed post centers in 47 locations in different cities have started accepting completed application forms. These centers also provide application forms for new passports to the public. These centers also provide application forms for new passports to the public. These 47 centers have augmented the existing 28 passport offices and the 21 passport applications collection centers.

With this new initiative, the distance to be travelled by applicants for obtaining an application form or submitting it for a passport has been reduced in large population centers. In the next phase, 57 additional speed post centers would be enabled to accept application forms as well, thus increasing the out reach of passport services considerably. This facility is available in Mumbai at GPO and at Andheri HO.

Highlights of the Service :

  • Sale of Passport application forms along with envelope

  • Acceptance of Passport application forms from the customers on behalf of the Ministry of External Affairs

  • Checking the Application forms with reference to the Check List

  • Dispatch of the Application form to Regional Passport Office through Speed Post

Type of Passport application forms to be accepted :

  • Application forms for the issue of new passports will be accepted at the Speed Post offices

  • Other application forms (issue of official passport / diplomatic passports, miscellaneous services) will not be accepted.

Charges for the Service :



Sale of Passport application form Along with the envelope

Rs. 20

Charges for Speed Post Passport Service

Rs. 100


Checking :

  • The application form will be checked by the officials in Speed Post Centre, based in the check list given by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • After checking, the passport application forms will be sent to the Regional Passport Office by Speed Post.
  • Key number will be given to the applicant by the Speed Post Centre. This number will be the reference number for contacting the Passport office.
  • Applicants will be given the approximate time that it will take to receive the passport.

Enquiries on Passport :
  • Further enquiries relating to Passport will be handled by the Passport office directly with the applicant, Speed Post Centre will not come into the picture

Contents of the Passport application form :

  1. Index card
  2. Registration Form Card
  3. Check List
  4. Mail application form 
  5. Specimen signatures
  6. Personal particulars forms in duplicate
  7. Passport Information booklet
  8. Bank Draft favouring Passport Officer towards passport fee
  9. Documents supporting Date of Birth, residence, etc


Passport Offices

Tele enquiry numbers


6300919, 6309110, 6309111, 6309112




22218671, 22218672,22218673, 22218674


28269404,28269554, 28269338








766864, 766915, 766924, 766925


24961919, 24961920, 24980808, 24980809

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