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VP Article Insured Article I Redirection of mail 


Article of payable value upto Rs. 500/- will be delivered at the address. Article of payable value exceeding that will have to be collected from the window, on getting the intimation.

For article of payable value of Rs. 20/- or above delivered at the Post Office, payment can be made in cash, or by cheque together with collection charge where required.

Articles of payable value only upto Rs. 25/- will be delivered through a village postman or an extra-departmental delivery agent.

Detention in the Office of Delivery and Levy of Demurrage

VP Article will be detained in the Post Office for seven days following the day of its first presentation or the day of serving intimation to the addressee, and on the eighth day it will be returned to the sender, if the addressee fails to take delivery.  However, on a written request from the addressee and on paying the prescribed fee in the shape of postage stamp(s) affixed on the application, the article will be detained for a further period upto seven days.


Article insured upto Rs.500/- will be delivered at the address. For article of value of above 500/-, and for others in case the addressee is absent or does not take delivery on first presentation, intimation will be given for collection from the Post Office during the prescribed hours within the next seven days.

If the addressee or his agent is not known to the Post Office staff, evidence of identity, or identification by a person known to the Post Office staff will be required, for delivery of the article.

While taking delivery, the receipt and acknowledgement must be duly signed by the addressee.

Open Delivery

If any tampering is suspected from the outward condition of an article, intimation is given for taking open delivery. The article will be opened in the presence of Postmaster and addressee, after the addressee signs the receipt. If the contents are found correct, the acknowledgement shall be signed by the addressee . If the contents are found damage , the acknowledgement  will not be signed and a detailed inventory of the contents will be prepared, and signed by the addressee and the Postmaster. The packing material shall be left with the Postmaster for investigation. The addressee may preserve the contents for investigation purposes.


Delivery of articles on which Customs duty is due

Articles on which customs duty to be recovered is in excess of Rs. 50/- are ordinarily delivered at the post office window, except in the case of Presidency and all First Class Head Offices where this limit is fixed at Rs. 100.  Such duty may be paid either in cash or by cheque.

Refusal of Articles

The addressee of an article is not bound to pay the amount due on it to the Post Office, if he does not want to take delivery of it. In this case the word "Refused" will be written by the Postman across the cover.

Obligation to Pay Charges

When a person takes delivery of an article on which any sum is due to the Post Office, he must pay the amount marked upon it. Any complaint of overcharge should be made to the postmaster of the office of delivery to whom the article should be taken before being opened.

Remedy of Post Office for recovery of charges due

If a person, after taking delivery of an article on which any postage or other sum or customs duty is payable, refuses to pay the amount marked as due, it will be recovered from him in the same way as a fine imposed under the Post Office Act and the Post Office has further the power of withholding from him until such charge be paid or recovered any article addressed, to him not being on India Government Service. 


The addressee can leave written instructions for re-direction of his mail on change of his address. Such instruction will be valid for three months.

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